About Northern Cyprus

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean sea. This is a favorite place
for tourists from around the world for many years, the Northern coast of Cyprus is defined
as one of the most beautiful places in the World.

The natural beauty of the Island, the mild climate, the lack of large-scale manufactures, the pure seaside air, fragrant flowers and fruits, make the Republic of Northern Cyprus a great place to relax.

The Mediterranean climate with a dry-hot summer and a sufficiently warm winter is the best in Europe.

Since 1974, Northern Cyprus has been developing as a separate independent state, with the legal system borrowed from England (until 1960 Cyprus was an English colony).

The most significant and attractive element of this part of the island is actually Almost zero level of crime. Complete safety is felt in any part of The Island. As you may know, Cyprus is considered as the safest country in the world among small and 5th among all countries.

The last five years have become a key to the development of the northern part of the Island

Investors from all over the world in all directions are developing this place. In couple of years there will be six new super luxury hotels and each will have a Casino of the highest level.

Therefore, everything points to the grandiose Prospective of this Playing Zone. The luxury of hotels will satisfy the needs of even the most spoiled adventure Traveler. The demand of weekly gambling tours to North Cyprus is growing day by day.

A full-fledged Junket-Tour can be arranged to Las Vegas, Macau, Monte Carlo or Atlantic City, but these places are already pretty pampered their guests and many managed to get bored.

With our help You will discover the unique and amazing atmosphere of a Casino in North Cyprus and You will admire and love this place which is Literally located in the center of Europe.

You can travel to North Cyprus by transit through Turkey or by direct flight to South Cyprus to the city of Larnaca. We provide a special meeting service at the airport and an individual transfer to the hotel for our customers.

During the whole stay we will provide for you an exclusive service, necessary accompaniment and organize the best entertainment program.

We always have something to surprise our customers with, even the most demanding players!!!